Your currency for everything in the FoxFam universe.


  • 1 $YUM = 1 $YUM
  • $YUM is the utility token that fuels the FoxFam ecosystem.
  • ERC-20 token on Ethereum blockchain.
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  • Purely through ownership of the the 2D foxfam collection and discretionary airdrops which will not affect the circulating supply in a meanginful way.
  • No allocation to team or reservation of any $YUM.
  • OG fox owners who have not sold since mint will receive a one time bonus on token release to recognise their support and contributions to the project.
  • Fox owners have been earning $YUM since the day they bought their Foxes. Any sale resets that accumulation.


  • The primary utility of the $YUM token will be to mint the 3D collection coming later in 2022.
  • Minting the upcoming pixel & voxel collections.
  • Discounts on future merchandise.
  • Minting small batch, limited edition NFTs.
  • Auctions & competitions to win NFTs, merchandise and much more
  • Part of the tokenomics of the game to be released later this year.
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  • FoxFam do not plan to provide liquidity at present but like similar utility tokens, community members are free to set up liquidity pools on any popular DEXs if they wish.


  • There is no staking mechanism. Holding a fox earns you $YUM.
  • Using $YUM within the FoxFam ecosystem will not require you to withdraw your balance first.
  • The precise amount of $YUM that each fox will earn will be released once finalised by the team.
  • The team are currently building utility for the token to coincide with the token launch.
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