“NFT” means any blockchain-tracked non-fungible token.

“FoxFam”, “we”, “us” or “our” refer to FoxFam and YumYumLondon LTD.

“FoxFam NFTs” refers to the original collection of 10,000 NFTs, the Pixel Collection, 3D collection and any other NFTs created by YumYumLondon LTD under the FoxFam Brand.

“Own” or “Ownership” means a FoxFam NFT which you have purchased either directly from our smart contract(s) or via another legitimate third party source. Legitimate proof of purchase will exist on the relevant blockchain to confirm ownership.

“Owner” refers to the rightful and legal holder of a FoxFam NFT.


By accessing the website or purchasing a FoxFam NFT you accept and agree to all of the terms and conditions described.

If you disagree with any part of the Terms and Conditions you may not use the FoxFam website (https://foxfam.io) or purchase any FoxFam NFT.

We reserve the right to amend or change this Agreement at any time so please ensure you keep up to date with these Terms and Conditions regularly.


Unless otherwise stated, we retain ownership and intellectual property rights to all text, graphics, images, audio, video or code associated with the FoxFam brand, website and affiliated services.

All rights granted to owners of FoxFam NFTs are stated herein.


Upon legitimate ownership of a FoxFam NFT and accepting our Terms and Conditions you are granted non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free rights to:

  • - Use the image on your own or third party websites.
  • - Create derivative art based on your NFT provided it does not infringe on either FoxFam or other FoxFam NFT owners.
  • - Create physical representations of your NFT.
  • - Commercialise the full image of your NFT. Crops are not permitted in this case as it may infringe on another owners rights.
  • - Sell or trade your NFT.

You may not display the FoxFam logo or use the FoxFam name in any commercial use of your NFT or imply any association or affiliation with the brand.

You may display your NFT cropped as you wish however you may not display single elements as these are considered the property of FoxFam.

We reserve the right to revoke these rights if the FoxFam brand is negatively impacted by your usage of the art associated with your NFT. Any material that is deemed offensive, unlawful, fraudulent, libellous, defamatory, pornographic, hateful, abusive or could damage the FoxFam brand is prohibited.

If at any point you are no longer the legal owner of a FoxFam NFT you lose all rights to the use of the NFT and associated image/images.

If you cannot prove ownership of the wallet containing a FoxFam NFT you are no longer considered the legal owner.


NFTs have no intrinsic value and are not intended as investments. We offer no guarantees of current or future value associated with any asset associated with FoxFam.

Crypto currencies, NFTs and all associated blockchain technologies are experimental and should be treated as such. Any bugs, hacks, malfunctions or changes to the underlying technology are outside of our control.


The Owner agrees that all parties associated with FoxFam are free of liability for any losses, damages, claims or costs suffered as a consequence of minting a FoxFam NFT or the ownership thereof.


You are solely responsible for any tax liabilities associated with the minting, buying and selling of FoxFam NFTs or any associated products. Please ensure that you are adhering to the tax laws in your country of residence.


FoxFam will not collect any information about you, use any cookies, collect IP addresses or otherwise infringe on your rights to a private life.

The blockchain is an immutable store of all transactions associated with FoxFam NFTs and we have no control over this. We will never try to link your FoxFam NFT or blockchain presence with a real world identity however.


FoxFam is not a corporate juggernaut and does not intend to ever act like one. We are a dedicated team creating art, community and experiences that we love and hope you will too.

If you have any questions about the use of your FoxFam NFT, please contact us via Discord, Twitter or email and we will be more than happy to talk to you.

The above Terms and Conditions are there to protect ourselves and our commmunity and we will defend and protect those rights if the need arises however we would prefer for such a situation never to arise.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for being part of our amazing community whether you own a FoxFam NFT or not!

Last updated March 3rd 2022