These gamified achievement mechanics aim to celebrate and commemorate our eclectic and diverse range of collectors while enabling a means to access various features within the ecosystem. The 2D Genesis collection comprises of a vast array of species and traits, containing collections within collections.

Every FoxFam NFT holder has their own unique approach to acquiring these Foxes and engaging with the community. Our goal is to highlight those fascinating behaviours and reward the fam for their exceptional collecting skills and participation in the project.

Species BadgeMaxi Badge


We have many fun and varied mechanics to explore in the Achievements System. The Whale Award is here to credit those gentle giants who have amassed a vast population of foxes. While this badge is calculated by computing hard data and fairly easy to rank, some achievements are a little more subjective and require a human touch. Rewarding the dedicated and passionate foxes that we see regularly on Social Media is important to us and we are especially excited for our Community Achievement to celebrate these invaluable contributors.

OG BadgeDiamond Hands Badge


FoxFam NFT holders that have received certain achievements from the Awards System will activate priority access to the Pixel Fam collection, Merch, the upcoming 3D collection and more.

Community BadgeWhale Badge


While they provide a fun way to gamify the OG collection and interact with the FoxFam project, the achievements are also a way for us to reward the fam over time. Whether you have attained the OG badge through dedicated loyalty, The Whale badge through mighty wealth or the Community badge though consistent support and social activity, you will be entitled to receive deliverables from the project exclusively or with VIP priority.


Currently you can view the achievements you have earned on our site. These are based on the data scraped from all the transactions/events related to the FoxFam Genesis NFT collection. The much anticipated NFT, Web3 style badges will become claimable soon. The Web3 NFT version of the Badges can be traded on marketplaces and the new owner will then get access to any future awards there might be.


Head over to the Your Profile page and connect your wallet to access your very own achievements and other insightful stats.